Elevating Luxury Lifestyles. Redefining Upscale Communities.

For over four decades, Pinnacle International has established itself as a prominent force in the construction industry, specializing in the creation of opulent condominium residences, master-planned communities, hotels, and commercial developments.

With its headquarters nestled in Vancouver, B.C., Pinnacle has consistently demonstrated its unwavering commitment to excellence through the complete lifecycle of its projects development, design, construction, and management.

With an impressive track record, Pinnacle has successfully delivered over 15,000 residences that have not only redefined the concept of upscale living but also played a vital role in the transformation and enrichment of neighborhoods in Vancouver, Toronto, and San Diego. 

Pinnacle International master-planned community is a refined community with impeccable craftsmanship, meticulous design, and unparalleled expertise. They are Canada’s WE ARE leading builders of exclusive luxury living – shaping extraordinary communities and creating lasting legacies.